The SHIFT72 Player needs to be configured to connect to use the SHIFT72 Cache Proxy. This can be done by visiting a configuration page on the machine that should use the SHIFT72 Cache Proxy.

  1. Make sure that your Caching Proxy is running on your Server. On the server machine, you should be able to view the running proxy server by going to https://localhost:7200/install. If you are unable to view this page the proxy server is not running locally.
  2. Read the proxy servers IP Address from the Proxy Configuration section. You can use this to access this server from remote computers using the address https://x.x.x.x:7200/install where x.x.x.x is the Servers IP Address.
  3. On the remote machine at address https://x.x.x.x:7200/install click on Auto configure your player to use this server. A new browser window will open and the player will attempt to connect to the Caching Proxy. 
  4. NOTE: If you are unable to see the button "Auto configure your player to use this server" this will be due to running the caching proxy without an API Key.

Downloading Content

Content can be pre-downloaded using the Request Download page. You can enter a list of film or TV slugs which will, in turn, populate the cache with the video files.

Here film /film/53 has been requested to be downloaded. Switching to the Cache window we can see that the following files have been downloaded.

The Home page provides a summary of the state of the cache.

Player Usage

To verify that the player is using the proxy, attempt to play some content. If the content is being served via the Caching Proxy the bitrate selector will have changed to Proxy and only one bitrate will be available to play.
The Caching Proxy will only download one bitrate for playback. Adaptive delivery is not required for local network streaming.

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