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Setting up Pre, Mid and Post Roll videos
Setting up Pre, Mid and Post Roll videos
A step-by-step guide to set up your Pre, Mid or Post Roll video content or ads with your Shift72 platform.
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There are many instances where you may need to have a video or piece of content that features either before, during, or after a film. This could be, for example, a director’s message, thank you messages, a short trailer, or an advertisement for a sponsor or advertiser directly.

Currently, we use an external ad server to host your video rolls. To be successful in making your video rolls work well for your Shift72 platform, there are a couple of key steps you need to take.

Step 1:

Choose your ad server you would prefer to use - we recommend either Ad Butler or Google Ad Manager.

Step 2:

Upload your video files to the ad server and test to make sure they work. Generate and copy your VAST tag (see step 2b for VAST tag instructions).

Step 2b: Open your film or TV show you’re wanting to add a video roll to on the Shift72 admin dashboard (the backend).

Step 2c:

For films, select the appropriate specific film and select the ‘Cue Ad Break’ tab down the left column. For TV shows, navigate to the relevant season and then the relevant episode and find the Cue Ad Break’ tab there.

Step 2d:

Select the ‘Add a pre-roll’ or ‘Add a mid-roll’ or ‘Add a post-roll’ depending on where you are wanting the ad/video to be cued.

Note: you can have all three.

Step 2e:

Paste the appropriate VAST tag that has been generated from your ad server and select ‘Save’.

We recommend either AdButler or Google Ad Manager to host your content/ads. See our guides below to set up each ad server correctly.

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