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How to Use Collections to Highlight your Sponsors and Partners
How to Use Collections to Highlight your Sponsors and Partners
A step by step guide to using collections to create opportunities to showcase your Sponsors and Partners
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When running an online video OnDemand platform, we understand that sponsors and partners are important to look after and leverage your relationship. We have put together a guide to show you how to achieve this.

Step 1a:

You’ll first have to add each one of your Sponsors as a ‘Page’ on your website. In the content section select ‘Pages’, ‘Add a page’, add your sponsor’s name as a title, and any other information in the ‘Basic Information’ section, make sure the ‘Published’ box is ticked.

Step 1b:

Add their logo to the ‘Image Library’. You can have this image displayed as portrait or landscape, but you’ll need to keep this consistent across all sponsors/partner external pages.

Step 2:

Once all your sponsors are added as ‘Pages’, on the top of your page click ‘Collections’ then ‘Add a Collection’. Title your collection, for example, ‘Sponsors’ then select add.

Step 3:

In the ‘Item Manager’ select ‘Add a page’ and select the first sponsor page you made earlier.

In the ‘Basic Information’ section make sure the display matches the logo image you made earlier. For example, Landscape image = Landscape display.

Step 4:

Once the Sponsorship Collection is made and populated, go to pages and select the page where you want your sponsors to appear. For example, on the ‘Home page’.

Go to the layout section and select ‘Add Slider’ and select your collection and save. Again you’ll need to make sure the display type matches (landscape= landscape)

Step 5:

Press ‘Save’ and view the changes on the front end of your site.

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