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How to Set Up Individually Generated Promo Codes
How to Set Up Individually Generated Promo Codes

A step-by-step guide on how to set up individually generated Promo Codes.

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Step 1:

Go to the ‘Store’ tab and select ‘Promo Codes.’

Step 2:

Click the ‘Add Promo Code’ button in the top right corner. In this tutorial, we will be using ‘individually generated codes’:

Here there is a ‘Prefix’ Tab; this is used instead of the ‘Code’ tab. The code entered here will be the start of all generated Promo Codes.

The ‘Number of codes’ tab specifies the number of Promo Codes you would like to generate. You can generate more later if this is not enough.

Once Your Promo Code is ready, click ‘Add.’

Step 3:

You can download the codes by clicking the download button. The ‘Generate Codes’ button can be used to generate extra codes. A window will appear as below, prompting you for the number of codes you would like to generate.

Step 4:

Select your discount amount. This can be done as either a ‘percentage’ or a ‘currency amount per region.’

Percentage will apply the same discount percentage to all applicable films. Currency amount per region will allow you to set a discount for each region. If a region is left blank, the discount will not apply there.

Step 5:

Adding a number to the ‘Limit Redemptions’ field will restrict the number of times the Promo Code can be redeemed before it is no longer usable. This includes all redemptions, not just per customer.
NB. Each unique individually generated promo code can only be used once

Step 6:

‘Valid Between’ simply sets the start and end date for which this Promo Code is valid. Leaving the end date blank will prevent it from expiring.

Step 7:

‘Allow Bundles’ will let this Promo Code be used with bundles.

‘Allow Rentals’ will let this Promo Code be used with rentals.

‘Allow Purchases’ will let this Promo Code be used with purchases.

Step 8:

The ‘Specific Items Only’ tab can be used to restrict this Promo Code to only work with specific Films, TV Series or Bundles. If this is left blank, this Promo Code will work for all Films, TV Series, or Bundles.

Step 9:

When you have finished with these settings, click ‘Publish Discount.’

Note: Only the settings covered in steps 7, and 8 can be changed after the discount is published.

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