Pin verification will allow certain films to be locked, preventing them from being purchased, rented or watched by customers under a certain age. This complies with certain international laws around content access and classifications. i.e. Singapore and Germany.

On a customer's first purchase of a PIN locked film, they will be prompted to create a PIN. This field can be found under 'My Account' on the front end.

If a customer who is under the verification age attempts to purchase a film, instead of being prompted to create a PIN, they will not be permitted to purchase the film at all.

On subsequent purchases of PIN restricted content, the customer will be prompted to input their PIN before the purchase can continue.

When the customer attempts to watch a PIN restricted film, they will be prompted to input their PIN again.

If a customer forgets their PIN, this can be reset. This is secured by requiring the customer to first re-enter their password.

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