Add Exclusive Content to a film
A step-by-step guide to setting up Exclusive Content buttons on your Shift72 platform.
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Note: This requires some initial set up before it is available on your platform. Please contact your account manager if you are interested in this feature.

Step 1:

Go to the ‘Media’ tab and select ‘Films.’

Step 2:

Select the film you will be adding an exclusive content button to. This button can be linked to any kind of exclusive content, such as live events, surveys, PDF's etc.

Step 3:

Select the ‘Custom Fields’ tab

Step 4:

In here, find the ‘can_be_watched_button_text’ and ‘can_be_watched_button_link.’

Under ‘can_be_watched_button_text’ enter the text that will appear in the button.

Under ‘can_be_watched_button_link’ enter the link to the exclusive content.

A new button will appear on the film page. This will open the URL in the ‘can_be_watched_button_link’ textbox in a new tab.

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