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Licensor Reports

A guide to licensor reports

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Revenue Split Details:

Go to the ‘Reporting’ tab and select ‘Revenue Split Details’.

You can select a licensor from the drop-down menu here:

You will also need to select a time period to display this data from.

This report will give you information regarding the following:

  • The order number and film slug

  • The date and time the transaction took place

  • The licensor that received the revenue split

  • Which release window this film is associated with

  • The price of the item, and which currency the price is in

  • The pricing region the transaction took place in

  • The percentage and floor revenue splits on the release window

  • The actual revenue the licensor received from the transaction

  • The revenue split type used in the transaction (floor or percentage)

Licensor Revenue:

The Licensor Revenue report shows the total revenue for a chosen licensor in the given time period. This report will show which titles and release windows generated this revenue, as well as how many of the transactions were rentals, and how many were purchases.

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