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Inviting Distributors to Your SHIFT72 Platform
Inviting Distributors to Your SHIFT72 Platform
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Navigate to the ‘Users’ tab and click on the ‘Invite with Role’ button. If this option is not available, please contact your account manager about enabling this feature.

Enter the email address of the distributor, select the Distributor role and give them access to a film page for each of their films. Then click ‘Invite user’.

The distributor will receive an invitation to sign up to your platform. The distributor role will give them limited access to the admin area. Distributors are able to modify any aspect of a film that has been assigned to them. They can't however publish a film.

The films the distributor has access to can be added to or changed at any time by finding their account in the list. Navigate to the permissions tab of their account. You can remove their access to a film by clicking on the bin icon. You can also give them access to new films by clicking on the ‘Add a Film’ or ‘Add a TV Show’ buttons.

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