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Getting Started with Your P&I Platform
Getting Started with Your P&I Platform
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SHIFT72 Press & Industry (P&I) platforms use plans to deliver content to users. If a film is part of a plan, any user that has access to that plan will be able to watch the film for free. Films can be added to, or removed from, a plan at any time which will update which films users have access to.

Your SHIFT72 P&I platform will come with a default plan. You can rename this to whatever you want. To rename, or modify other aspects of this plan, navigate to ‘Settings - Plans’.

If you require more plans to be set up in your platform, feel free to reach out to the SHIFT72 support team at, or your Account Manager.

Adding content to user plans

To add a film to a plan, navigate to the film record and click on the ‘Plans’ tab. You can now select which plans you want this film to be included in. It can be included in multiple plans. If this is the case, users in any of the selected plans will be able to watch the film.

Films in plans can be geo-blocked. To block or allow films in certain countries, navigate to the ‘Geo Blocking’ section of the ‘Plans’ tab, select Blocked or Available and select the relevant countries from the drop-down menu.

Inviting Users

Users cannot sign up to a P&I platform, they will need to be invited to create an account. To invite users to your P&I platform, navigate to the ‘Users’ tab and click the ‘Invite Users’ button.

This will prompt you for the email addresses of all the users you want to invite, as well as selecting any existing plans you would like them to be added to. You can add users individually, or in bulk using a CSV. If you are wanting to invite larger numbers of users, it is recommended to split them into batches of 50. For assistance with a bulk upload please contact the SHIFT72 support team at

Once you have entered the email addresses and the plan(s), click the ‘Invite Users’ button and the invitations will be sent. These users will then receive an email prompting them to sign up.

Adding Users to a plan

Users can also be added to additional or new plans after they have been invited to your P&I platform. To add a user to a plan, navigate to their account in the ‘Users’ tab.

Once here, navigate to the subscriptions tab and use the ‘Add Plan’ button to add a plan to the user’s account. This will give you a dropdown menu you can use to choose the plan.

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