Sign into your Google account and navigate to Google Analytics here:

Start creating your Google Analytics account and give it a name.

Then assign a name to your Property.

Select your Country, timezone and currencies from the drop down menus.

Now click on the ‘Show advanced options’ button. This will open new options.

Select ‘Create a Universal Analytics property’.

Fill out the site information and select ‘Create both a Google Analytics 4 and a Universal Analytics property’ and select ‘Next’.

Accept the Terms of Service to continue.

Click on the name of your property in the top left. In this case it is ‘Example Property’.

Note the ID starting with UA

In this case, the ID is UA-21495633-1. Note this ID.

Add the Google Analytics ID to the ‘Analytics Tracking ID’ field in your Shift72 admin. This can be found in the ‘General Settings’ menu.

Congratulations, you have successfully linked Google Analytics to your Shift72 platform.

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