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We have 3 Content Protection Policies

Standard - this provides the easiest access to content, all content is streamable in HD on any Device

Studio 1 - provides enhanced protection. On trusted devices you get the same HD experience, however on less trusted devices the content will be viewable in SD only. The reasoning for this is that content pirates are less interested in distributing SD content. This is our recommendation for most sites.

Studio 2 - provides the highest level of protection. You will only be able to stream content on trusted devices.

What is a trusted device? As a general rule the more control you have over the software running on a device the less trusted it is. For example Apple iPhone and iPads are trusted devices, you can install only vetted software on these devices, it is a closed ecosystem tightly managed by Apple. Windows for example is more open to installing any hardware and software, in this case Windows PC’s are less trusted.

Some devices like Android phones can be trusted or untrusted based on the device maker, this makes it difficult to state definitively which devices are trusted and untrusted. This can change over time as devices are sometimes compromised by attackers and will move from a trusted to an untrusted device.

Sensible Defaults

By default for new sites, the default Content Protection is Studio 1. This provides the best balance of access to users devices with the best security available.

When to change the Content Protection

Note: Check with your license holders before making Content Protection decisions.

Some content is inherently more appealing to Content Pirates than others. For example, you may wish to set PVOD titles, or digital premiere events, at Studio2. This provides the greatest level of security for your content, but will likely mean a number of your users will need to change their playback setup in order to watch the title. E.g. By downloading a more secure browser, or watching the film via a SHIFT72 app.


Content Protection


Digital Premiers

Studio 2

This content is very early on in its life cycle

Premium VOD (PVOD)

Studio 2

This content is very early on in its life cycle

Screening Rooms

Studio 2

New Release (broad digital release)

Studio 1

This content will appear on many streaming services, this protects HD content while providing

Promotional content


Less sensitive content

Changing the Content Protection

On the Film or Episode page you can now select the Content Protection to use.

Press Save and you are done.

See our article on DRM Device Support below.

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