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A guide to setting up and using the Donation Button feature.

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Note: The Donate button feature may require a template update. If you are interested please contact your account manager.

You now have the ability to add a button to your public portal to prompt your users to make a donation to your organization. Once enabled, the button will link to any third-party website. You will need to have an account with a donation collection provider.

To add a Donate button, navigate to ‘Settings - General’ in the admin portal of your site. At the bottom of this page you will find a ‘Donate button’ textbox. Enter the URL of the website where you will collect your donations and click ‘Save’.

The Donate button will now display in the bottom right corner of all pages on the public portal of your site. Once enabled, the button is always visible, moving with the page as users scroll. If a user clicks the Donate button a new tab will be opened using the URL entered into your ‘Settings’ page.

Each time a user navigates to a new page the Donate button will display both a donate icon and the text ‘Donate now’. After 3 seconds the button will retract to only showing the donate icon.

The Donate button can be removed from your site at any time by navigating to ‘Settings - General’ in the admin portal of your site, removing the link from the ‘Donate button’ textbox and clicking ‘Save’.

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