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Note: The Festival Passes feature is not available on all packages and may require a platform template update. If you are interested in enabling this feature on your SHIFT72 platform please contact your account manager.

With Festival Passes you now have the ability to offer curated collections of films for sale, with greater flexibility over your content compared to bundles. Content can be added to and removed from a Festival Pass at any time, allowing you to dynamically update your audiences’ video libraries.

Your SHIFT72 platform will come with a default plan. Additional plans can be added on request, please contact support@shitf72.com.

Step 1:

First create a collection to for your Festival Pass by adding all the films that will be available in this Festival Pass to a collection. This collection will be used to display all of the films in your Festival Pass.

Navigate to ‘Content - Collections’ and create a new collection by clicking on the ‘Add a Collection’ button.

Add all the films from the ‘Item Manager’ tab by clicking on the ‘Add a Film’ and/or ‘Add a Season’ buttons.

Step 2:

Now that the collection exists, each title must be assigned to a 'Plan'. You can use the collection created in Step 1 as a reference as you add all of the same films you want included in the festival pass to a plan. Navigate to the film record and click on the ‘Plans’ tab. You can now select which plans you want this film to be included in. It can be included in multiple plans. If this is the case, users in any of the selected plans will be able to watch the film.

Repeat this step for each film you want to include in the Festival Pass that you created a collection for.

Step 3:

Create a curated page. This page will act as a showcase page for your Festival Pass. Navigate to ‘Content - Pages’ and click the ‘Add a Page’ button.

Name this page, ideally this will be the same name as the Festival Pass. You can also add basic information and images to this page.

Step 4:

Add the collection you created in Step 1 to the page created in Step 3. To do this, navigate to the ‘Layout’ tab in the page and click on the ‘Add a List’ or ‘Add a Slider’ button.

From here you will be able to select your collection.

Step 5:

Navigate to ‘Settings - Plans’. Here you will be able to assign pricing if applicable and a showcase page to your Festival Pass.

To add pricing to the Festival Pass, set a price for each region in which you would like the Festival Pass to be available for purchase. Assign the curated page created in Step 3 to the ‘Showcase Page’ dropdown menu.

Note: The ‘Expiry date’ field is the date at which a pass will no longer be available for sale. Existing owners will have access to all the films in a pass until such time as either:

  • you remove the films from the pass individually

  • the pass is archived.

In order to archive passes, contact SHIFT72 support at support@shift72.com.

Step 6:

All of your passes will be listed on an automatically generated page, yoursite.com/plans.html, where yoursite.com is your website's URL. To make it easy for users to browse and purchase your available passes you will need to add this page to your navigation menu. To add this to the navigation menu, create an external link to yoursite.com/plans.html in ‘Content - Navigation’ and press ‘Save’.

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