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An overview of DRM and other SHIFT72 security features

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What is DRM and how does it keep content secure?

Every SHIFT72 platform comes loaded with studio-grade Digital Rights Management (DRM) in place. DRM is designed to ensure that only authenticated video players, and secure devices, are able to play online content. While DRM is a key component of content security, it is important to acknowledge that it is only one part of the SHIFT72 security suite and, on its own, may not be enough to stop a content breach.

How do breaches happen?

The most common source of a content breach is via a screen capture using recording software. While DRM is effective at limiting screen capture in many cases, this is outside the scope of the product and none of the three DRM providers used by SHIFT72 (Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple FairPlay) guarantee that screen capture will be restricted.

How can I limit my risk?

The most effective way of reducing your risk of a breach is to layer as many security features as possible over your platform. These features can be used to stop potential thieves gaining access to your content at all and, if they are able to access content, deter them from sharing it.

  • Monetizing content is a simple but effective deterrent, with the majority of breaches occurring with free content

  • Limit access to your content to specific regions and countries using in-built geoblocking functionality

  • Credit card validation and VPN/proxy detection checks can be conducted at time of purchase, and can further reduce the ability of users outside of your region gaining access to paid content

  • Enabling visible watermarking overlays a user’s details onto the video playback, and is a visual reminder that breached content can be traced

What are my next steps?

Understanding what DRM does, and does not do, allows you to make informed decisions about any additional security features that you may wish to implement on your platform. Contact your account manager if you have questions regarding DRM or any of the other security features available.

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