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How to set up award categories
How to set up award categories
A step by step guide to adding awards to a film.
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Awards categories will allow you to nominate films for awards, and assign each category a winner.

Step 1:

Navigate to “Media - Awards” and click on “Add Category”. Enter a Title and a Display Label and click “Add”.

The Title is the name used for the award category in admin. The Display Label is how it will be displayed to end users.

Step 2:

To add films to an award category, navigate to an award category, click on the “Item Manager” tab and select all the films you want to add to the category using the “Add Film” button.

The award category Display Label will display on the film detail page for each/every title added to the category.

Step 3:

To add an award category winner (or other title such as runner up), navigate to the “Information” tab and select a film or films to be added to the list of winning films in the results section. Click on the “Add another result” option to create a new award result. Enter the Display label, and the film or films that received this result. The films included in this result will show the result display label instead of the Awards default display label.

Awards categories are now available on apps. If they are not showing up you will need an app version update. Please contact your account manager.

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