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How to Connect Stripe to Your SHIFT72 SVOD Platform
How to Connect Stripe to Your SHIFT72 SVOD Platform

A guide to help you connect your Stripe account to your SHIFT72 platform.

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We use the payment gateway Stripe to support all payments that go through your SHIFT72 platform. When you are ready to connect your Stripe account please contact your account manager or our support team to enable your Stripe integration, they will let you know when you are ready to take these next steps.

NOTE: These steps can only take place once your SHIFT72 platform has been moved away from your provisioned temporary default domain, to your intended chosen website domain/URL for your SHIFT72 platform.

General Stripe Integration

Step 1:

Open a browser tab and log in to your Stripe account as an administrator.

Step 2:

Log in to your SHIFT72 platform in new tab on the same browser, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Integrations’ then select ‘Stripe’.

Step 2:

Select the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button and follow the prompts on the screen.

Once connected, this message should display:

SVOD specific steps

As part of the configuration process for SVOD, we need to set up, what is known as a webhook in Stripe. The webhook will allow communication to occur between Stripe and your SHIFT72 platform to make sure your user's plans are in sync with their subscriptions and payments.

Setting up the webhook is a one-time process.

Step 1:

To start, log in to your Stripe dashboard as an administrator, and then navigate to (alternatively you can click Developers in the top right navigation, and then Webhooks on the left side navigation).

Step 2:

Click on Add endpoint.

Step 3:

On the Listen to Stripe events form, fill out the following;

Step 4:

Under, Select events to listen to, click the Select Events button and then tick Select all events. Once all events are selected, click the Add Events button to go back to the previous form.

Step 5:

You will now see a list of all the events. Scroll down to the bottom and click Add Endpoint to complete the setup.

Step 6:

Let us know when you have completed the above steps, so we can test if it has been set up successfully.

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