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Setting up your native pre-roll content
Setting up your native pre-roll content
A comprehensive guide on how to successfully set up your native pre-roll content
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Note: The native pre-roll feature is not available on all packages. If you are interested in enabling this feature for your site please contact your account manager. In order for pre-roll to be supported for your apps, this needs to be enabled separately.

Native pre-roll can be set up using Bonus content. This pre-roll content can be shared across multiple films by enabling the “Use as pre-roll on any film” option, but there are some caveats to ensure it’s playable on all devices:

  • The bonus content must be on a published film.

  • That film must be available to watch in relevant regions in the pricing setup page.

  • The bonus content should not be hidden.

We recommend that you create a film specifically to contain all of the shared pre-roll for your festival.

In the pricing setup page for your preroll content, ensure that it is watchable in the relevant regions. (this does not apply to admin users, who can always play geo-blocked content)

Note: If the price is removed, or the film is unpublished, the pre-rolls will not play.

Subtitles on shared pre-rolls:

Currently, we do not support subtitles and pre-rolls.

Ingesting pre-roll content

To add a piece of bonus content to a film navigate to the “Bonus Content” tab in the film record. You can then use the “Add Bonus Content” button to create the bonus content. We recommend giving this a recognisable title.

Once the bonus content has been created you will need to upload and ingest the pre-roll content. This can be done from the “Video Library” tab. We recommend using the “HD - High Definition Encoding” encoding profile but you also have the option to forensically watermark the bonus content ingestion.

Once your content has been ingested this bonus content can be used as pre-roll only for the film it is attached to. To allow this to be used as a pre-roll for any film you will need to check the “Use as pre-roll on any film” checkbox. You can also hide the bonus content from showing up as a standalone piece of content although this will prevent subtitles from working on apps so if the pre-roll contains subtitles please do not use this option.

Adding pre-rolls to a film

Now that the pre-roll has been set up you can assign it to a film. To do this navigate to the “Pre-Roll” tab on the film page.

From here you will see an “Add Pre-Roll” button. Clicking this will show a drop down list of all available pre-rolls.

Pre-roll in this dropdown marked with “(sitewide)” is pre-roll from a different film record with the “Use a pre-roll on any film” checkbox checked. Items without this tag are bonus content for this film.

Any number of pre-rolls can be added to a film. The three horizontal lines on the left hand side can be used to rearrange the order of the pre-rolls.

Once your pre-rolls have been added to a film click “Save”. This bonus content will now play before your film as a pre-roll.

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