If you have the rights you can sell the film in any country in the world. A user won’t be able to purchase the film unless they are in a country that has a price set and is allowed in the geo-blocking rules. First set the price for the pricing regions and then either exclusively allow countries or exclusively block countries in the geo blocking section.

  1. Go to Media -> Films.
  2. Click on the film you want to set the price for.
  3. Click on the Pricing Setup tab.
  4. Enter the price for the Pricing Region in which you are selling the film. Click the plus button to see the countries in the pricing region. All users in the listed countries in the pricing region will be able to buy/rent the film at the given price and currency unless overwritten using the country level geo blocking in step 6.
  5. In the geo-blocking section decide if you want to exclusively block countries or allow countries. If you don’t want to block any countries, you can skip this section.
  6. List the countries that you want to either be “blocked” or to be “available” depending on your choice in the step above.

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