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How to Block a User's Account
How to Block a User's Account

A step-by-step guide to blocking a user’s account

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Step 1:

Go to the ‘Users’ tab.

Search for the user you want to suspend and click on their profile.

Navigate to the ‘User Details’ tab in the users account.

Step 2:

Select the 'Status' dropdown menu

Step 3:

Select 'Blocklisted' and Save the page.

Step 4:

(Optional) Add a reason for blocklisting the user to the 'Notes'. This will be for your and other admins' reference.


A user's account will remain Blocklisted, and they will not be able to access their account, until an Admin user manually updates the user status back to 'Active. To change the user’s status to “active”, repeat the above process, select the ‘Active’ status.

The 'Suspended' status is applied automatically to a user's account after too many failed login attempts. This will last for x days/hours before being automatically reset to 'Active'.

Both Blocklisted & Suspended users will see the same error message when attempting to log in.

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