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How to Refund a User's Purchase
How to Refund a User's Purchase

A step-by-step guide to refunding a purchase so the refund is recorded in your reports

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Step 1:

Go to the ‘Users’ tab and select ‘Account History’ for the user who you wish to refund.

Step 2:

Locate the purchase order on the left side of the screen. Select the ‘Refund’ button (highlighted below) and a modal window will appear.

Step 3:

Choose whether to refund to the user's credit card or (if enabled) to the user's wallet.

Step 4:

Enter a ‘Refund Reason’. This is viewable only within admin and can be used as a notes field as to why the refund was given.

Step 5:

Select ‘Record Refund’ to issue the refund.

Note: Issuing a refund will not automatically remove the content from the users library. You will need to remove this manually.

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