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How to Customise the Header and Footer
How to Customise the Header and Footer

A step-by-step guide to customising the header and footer to help users browse your site and find what they are looking for.

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Step 1:

Go to the ‘Content’ tab and then select ‘Navigation’.

Step 2:

Select either ‘Header’ or ‘Footer’, depending on which one you want to edit.

Step 3:

Select ‘Add a Page’, ‘Menu’, ‘Collection’, or ‘External Link’ and then select the ‘Add’ button.

Note: ‘Pages’ and ‘Collections’ are items that you've created in ‘Content’.

Menu’ is an item that can have items underneath it.

‘External Link’ is a link to an external website.

You can drag and drop items on the right-hand side to arrange the header as you would like.

Step 4:

Select ‘Save’ to update your site.

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