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If you want to add a user to your Shift72 site without them needing to sign up, you can use the Invite User feature. When a user is invited, it will send them an email letting them know they have been invited to your platform, and to click through to the site to setup a password. When inviting a user you can also add items to their library, for example you can invite users to your site with access to a plan or a free film included in their library.

To invite users to your Shift72 site, navigate to the ‘Users’ tab and click the ‘Invite Users’ button.

This will prompt you for the email addresses of all the users you want to invite, as well as selecting any existing bundles, plans, TV seasons or films you would like to be added to their account. You can add users individually, or in bulk using a CSV. If you are wanting to invite larger numbers of users, it is recommended to split them into batches of 50. For assistance with a bulk upload please contact our support team at

Once you have entered the email addresses and the plan(s), click the ‘Invite Users’ button and the invitations will be sent. These users will then receive an email prompting them to setup a password and log in.

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