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A Guide to Common Platform Error Messages
A Guide to Common Platform Error Messages

A guide to common platform errors, the causes, and some possible solutions

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Somebody cut the wrong wire!:

This is a heading for the error screen, the error message can be found below the title. In this case, the error is unknown_error.

A list of these errors can be found below.

Error 1: drm_version_not_supported

This means the browser is not currently supported. This could be due to restrictions, such as the current WideVine DRM issue. This could also be due to an outdated browser version.


The License Platform Unverified error is caused when the DRM deems the device, OS, or browser to be insufficiently secure.

All Linux operating systems are not supported. Some Chromebooks lack a DRM module and are thus unsupported as well, and even having an out-of-date browser can result in the DRM rejecting it.


The HTTP Error is most common when the user's device has a problem establishing a connection when attempting to watch a film. The most common cause for this is a slow or intermittent internet connection.


The Decoder Error happens when the web browser cannot decode the video. This can happen for several reasons but is most commonly associated with an interruption to the user’s internet connection.

Error 5: shopping_error_testmode_charges_only

The shopping error testmode charges only error happens when your Stripe account is not fully activated. It has only been activated for test purchases. Please activate your stripe account to solve this problem.

Error 6: unknown_error

The unknown error can happen for many reasons; please let us know what happened before this error occurred so we can help fix it. This error message can sometimes be cached. If you continue to receive this error please try clearing your cache.

Error 7: Gateway 502

This is caused by our servers being under heavy load. Please give it up to half an hour and try again.

Error 8: license_request_failure

This can be caused by several things. The most common reason for this error is an out of date browser version.

Error 9: Content is not published

This happens when the database is not updated after publishing content. Withdrawing and publishing the content again will update the database and fix the issue.

Error 10: The video could not play because the country you purchased or rented the video is not the same country as where you are attempting to watch it now

This error occurs when a film is purchased or rented in a country where the film is allowed, but is played that is geo-blocked. The most common causes of this is renting or buying a film, and then using a vpn to watch it.

Error 11: Film_Not_Found

This error occurs when a user tries to watch a film that is unpublished. This is usually impossible as users cannot see an unpublished film, however this can occur is the user has a link to the playback for the unpublished film.

Error 12: license_{"code":"platform_not_supported", "error":"platform not supported"}

This error occurs when playback has been stopped due to the content protection level set on the film. This will happen when using Chrome, Firefox, and Opera under the Studio 2 protection policy. It will also happen on macOS when not using Safari and an external monitor is plugged in, or if using Safari and the external display is not HDCP 1.1 compliant.

Error 13: configuration_error

This error occurs when the when the ingested DASH and HLS files have not been enabled. Enabling them should fix the issue.

Unsupported Browser Message:

This is most commonly caused by an out of date browser. The best solution to this is to ensure you have the latest browser version.

This can occur when the ingested DASH and HLS files have not been enabled. Enabling them should fix the issue.

If you are experiencing any errors not covered here, or if these solutions do not help, please contact SHIFT72 support.

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