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Fixing Special Character Errors in Reports
Fixing Special Character Errors in Reports

A guide to fixing special characters in exported reports.

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The SHIFT72 platform supports special characters to allow all users to enter their names correctly. This can cause problems when exporting your reports as Excel does not support these characters.

‘Google Sheets’ and ‘LibreOffice’ both support special characters. These can be used to display this data normally. To import a report into ‘Google Sheets’, create a blank spreadsheet, then click ‘File’ > ‘Import’ and select ‘Upload’. Upload your file by dragging into the upload area or selecting from your device. The special characters should display as expected.

Unfortunately Excel on Mac does not support special characters.

Excel on Windows can support these characters. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Open Excel

  2. Click ‘Data’ from the menu bar

  3. Click ‘Get External Data’ and select ‘From Text’.

  4. Find the report file and click ‘Import’

  5. Choose ‘65001: Unicode (UTF-8)’ from the dropdown list.

  6. Next choose ‘Delimited’ as the file type unless you specifically have a ‘Fixed Width’ document.

  7. The preview should now display the special characters normally.

  8. Click the ‘Load’ button

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