Step 1:

Select the ‘Media’ tab and select ‘Films’ or 'TV Shows'.

Step 2:

Select the film or TV show you want to set geo blocking for. Select the ‘Pricing Setup’ tab. This is found in the season under the 'Seasons' tab for TV shows.

Here you can see all the regions your film or TV Show can be available in. To allow the media content to be available in a region, check the “Allow users to watch in ...” box, in the region(s) you want the media content to be available in. This will allow users to watch the content, if it is in their library, but it will not be available for rental/purchase. To allow this, you will need to add a price to the relevant box, next to the selected regions.

If you want the film or TV show to only be available in specific countries in each region, follow the steps below, otherwise click ‘Save’. To see the countries in each region, click the ‘i’ next to the region name.

Step 3:

In the Geo Blocking section, select either ‘Available’ or ‘Blocked’.

‘Available’ will allow the film or TV show to be purchased/rented and viewed in selected countries only, even if there are other countries in the region.

‘Blocked’ will prevent the film or TV show from being viewed in selected countries, even if they are available in this country's region.

Step 4:

Add all the countries where you want the film or TV show to be available or blocked, then click ‘Save’.

Note: Geo-blocking will not affect Admins, and it will not affect distributors when viewing content on their permission list.

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