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How to set up content redemption for a film
How to set up content redemption for a film
A step by step guide to restricting films to only promo code redemptions
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Content redemption will allow you to offer content that can only be accessed using a promo code. Content redemption can be applied to films, TV shows and bundles.

Step 1:

Navigate to “Media” and select the category you would like to add redeemable content for. Navigate to the pricing tab for the film, TV show, or bundle and tick the “Restrict content to promo code redemption only” checkbox.

This will change the rent or buy button into a “Redeem” button.

Step 2:

Navigate to “Store - Promo Codes” and click the “Add Promo Code” button. For help setting up a promo code, please see the guides below.

Step 3:

Once your promo code has been created, set the discount amount to 100% and populate the “Specific Items only” field with the film or films you want to restrict use of this code to. Publish the promo code and distribute the code to customers you want to give access to your content.

Now when a user clicks the redeem button, they will be prompted to enter their redemption code.

Once the code has been applied, the user can redeem the film

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